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An Experience

A Story


You have finished doing your research on photographers that pull your heartstrings and our style, vibes and feels all align! Yay! When you feel that internal calling and connection to our work, you are ready to book with us and become lifelong friends!


We create an online portal that is password protected, a safe space for you to store all of your wedding photography documents with us! Included in the portal will be: your contract, invoice, homework packet, shot list, information about your wedding day as well as scheduled events.


Your homework packet will (hopefully) be a FUN and exciting thing for you to work on together! It gives us a sense of who you are as a couple, all about your wedding details, family and friends. Plus, it includes an area to fill out a family photo group list, just so we don't miss any important family members or friends. With this, we are more prepared for our final phone call!  


Your inspiration board can be as detailed or as simple as you want! We just want to see what you envision on your wedding day. You can show us a Pinterest board, send us some of your favorite images via email or Whatsapp. While we love capturing who you are as a couple based on what we see and feel, we love to visualize your love through your own eyes. 


About one month before the wedding day, you will get a reminder email to:
1) Send over a draft of your timeline (so we can make necessary changes).
2) Final touches on homework packet + family formal shot list.
3) Send over your inspiration board.
4) Send over final payment.
All of these things will be the final requests before scheduling our phone call!


About 2 weeks prior to the wedding day, we will have a phone call to go over ALL wedding information at great lengths. We will look over your timeline together, your homework packet, any last minute wishes, go over behind the scenes game plan for the day of, and just really open the doors for pre-wedding day connection. We always want to make sure we are all on the same page throughout the process, this call digs in deep! We will also give you a few additional prompts when you arrive to your destination. 


Wedding day is here! You can rest assured knowing we need to be doing, what moments we need to be looking for and where we are appointed to be. 
This day is about you! Take it all in, all of the details you worked so hard to plan, all of the moments exchanged between you and your lover and how much fun y'all are having! Let us work our magic! 


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! It's here! Sneak Peek day! 

About 1-2 weeks* post-wedding, you will receive your sneak peek. This is not your normal 3-5 photos sneak peek. These are all of the highlights from the wedding day, our favorites from the bunch. The sneak peek will most likely be your favorite too, the ones you want to instantly share to social media. These hold you over, a small taste of your final gallery. 


*with the exception of the holiday seasons and high season. 

Final Gallery includes the sneak peek + ALL of the finished edited images that are included in your package. 
There is no formal timeline for delivery of the final gallery. We like to put all of our heart and soul into each image to ensure that they live up to our style and quality. There are no shortcuts when it comes to culling and editing someone's dreams. 


We do have an expedited editing option that sends all of the work to one of our outside editors. Their full time job is editing and well... we shoot, market, schedule, communication, wedding days, photoshoots, edit, family, etc. We have our hands full! Ask about our expediting services! 

"The best husband and wife team! Thank you for making our wedding day so memorable with your loving spirit and kick ass personalities!!"

-Nancy H

let's do this!

For us, we are always looking for couples we actually connect with, people we vibe with. The individual couple IS our inspiration going into each wedding day. 

You spend MORE time with your photographer than your spouse on your wedding day, so make sure you enjoy the photographer's company! It can make or break your wedding day! 

Your story is our top priority! As I always say, you can't make this sh!t up!

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