Being a husband and wife team completely changes the dynamic of art. We hold a masculine and feminine perspective of the wedding day. While Alejandro shoots wider angles, including the beautiful landscape and tone of the wedding day, Ambar captures close up and intimate shots, letting emotion tell the story. The combination of the two tell the perfect story! Whether it comes from our natural interaction, visual examples of newlywed poses, or the goofy way we joke around with you. The day becomes comfortable and seamless, making your once-in-a-lifetime day a whole lot more enjoyable. By the end of the experience, you will feel like you made a lifelong friend and so will we! Let us work together to personalize and customize your dream photography package! 

The team behind the camera

Ambar + Alejandro

Don't let the dreadlocks and tattoos fool you, I'm originally from Texas. My country roots run deep. I consider myself a nice blend of barefoot nature-loving hippie and redneck. Odd combination, sure! I am high energy and a social butterfly. I am a mother to 3 beautiful world-schooled children and a wife to my twin flame. We are different in a lot of ways but the balance we find in each other is exactly what we need.
I moved to Mexico in 2014 and fell in love with the people, the culture and the landscapes. Roadtrips are LIFE! Roadtripping takes you to the places in between. The places that are undiscovered, waiting for me to discover them. 
My favorite things: My family (of course), photography, road trips and being immersed in nature.

Meet Ambar - Owner

Everyone calls me "Alex" or "Ale." I'm originally from Veracruz, a port city in the Gulf of Mexico. Growing up around water, I was drawn to the ocean and cenotes! I am happy exploring nature, going to dinner and a movie in the city or a chill night at home with junk food, a beer and a family movie.
I'm a simple guy who takes pleasure in the little things. My free time consists of me playing fútbol, working out, or something crazy my wife has planned. Family is my center focus, everything I do is for them. My wife considers me a nurturer, I love to cook for everyone. FOOD is LIFE! 

The perfect Sunday is a day when my wife and I host a get together and family and friends come to eat and drink beer by the pool.

Meet Alejandro - Owner

Liliana (Lilly) has an eye that came so naturally to her. She was raised in a family of traveling photographers. While most children spend their days in a classroom, Liliana was raised all over the world, shooting destination weddings. The world was her school and Mexico became her home.
Lilly is a collector of knives, healing stones, and lover of animals. Being out in nature and enjoying hikes or long walks with her rescue dog is where you'll find her during downtime. She considers herself to be a foodie, all of that traveling must have spoiled her taste buds, she is also an amazing cook!
Lilly started interning with us 2 years ago but has been capturing amazing photos since the first time she picked up the camera. FINALLY she is a part of the team!

Meet Liliana - Photographer


"The Photos are just ridiculous… is that even real?!!! Absolutely stunning/amazing/better than we could have imagined!!!"

-Liz and Christian

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