Over the years we have selected the best locations in Tulum from rustic hotels with wooden cabanas, Boutique hotels with a/a, beach clubs, to all inlcuisve hotels or the option of private luxury homes where to hold your event. These can be defined according to number of guests and what adapts best to your needs.

All of them located on the beach, we guarantee your Wedding will be the only one taking place at that location (unless if you choose an all inclusive  option).

Arange group visits for your guests to the wonderful Archaeological sites of Tulum, Cobá, Chichén Itzá, Ek-Balam, Muyil lagoon  that includes an Archaeological site.

Snorkel tour at YALKÚ LAGOON located in Akumal where you can swim along with hundreds of colorful fish. Great with kids

Katamaran Tour

Enjoy sailing the turquoise waters; this is a daily sail along the beautiful Caribbean Ocean. Different options according to the size fo your group.

The tour includes private sailing tour snorkeling gear, lunch, tour to Tulum ruins, open bar, permits to disembark and tips.

Cenote Snorkeling Tour

If you are a professional diver or just want to snorkel, Riviera Maya offers a number of cenotes or sink holes to  explore. Thousand years of life under water with stalactatites and stalagmites, blind fauna and unbelievable crystal clear fresh water. A life time experience

Ocean Diving

Our reef, the second largest coral reef in the World where you can encounter turtles, stingrays, lobsters, conch, Nurse sharks, groupers. One of the best spots in the world to enjoy this underwater experience.

Sea Turtles in Tulum

Tulum is the nesting ground for two endangered species of sea turtle, the Loggerhead turtle and the Green Sea turtle. From May to September, Tulum is one of the best places to see the giant sea turtles lay their eggs at night.  We can’t insist enough on not using cameras with flash, flash lights, make noise or disturb the turtles why she lays her eggs. It takes an enormous effort to swim, carve the nest, give birth to over 200 eggs, cover the nest with sand and swim back to the ocean. If the turtles  get scared they leave and through away their eggs in the ocean and these die.  Please respect their process so they can keep being part of the natural beauty and magic of Tulum for years to come.

Xel-Ha Natural Inlet

Just a few minutes from Tulum, enjoy the world’s most beautiful natural aquarium, where you can snorkel, visit more than 20 attractions and have fun with all of the activities within the park, amazing paths inmmerse in the jungle, restaurants, Spa, etc.  Children pay half price.

Sian Ka’an Reserve

Sian Ka’an, Which in Mayan means “where the sky begins” is one of the ecological wonders of the world – a 1.5 million acre protected Unesco World Heritage site, the largest protected area in the state of Quintana Roo.

Travel by boat throughout various habitats of the Reserve and learn about ecosystems, tropical birds and plants, and Mayan culture and history, friendly, knowledgable, and experienced naturalist guides will lead you to discover:

  • The freshwater inland trade route used by the Mayans over 1200 years ago
  • Abundant flora and fauna unique to the Sian Ka’an habitats and eco-systems
  • An unexcavated Mayan ruin site
  • The natural and Mayan history of the Reserve



Try to go local . (Please make sure non of the products are made in China as taxes in Mexico can go up to 300% for Chinese products)
Please contact us for more details.


Look for fresh natural fibers, flowing materials, simple yet elegant. White, Ivory, beige as natural as possible or as original as you want.

It might get chilly during the winter months, look for a nice shawl. It’s a great idea to provide shawls for your female guests as well, they can match your Wedding theme color!


Since most of the ceremonies are performed on the beach, if you have a group larger than 20 people we recommend a microphone since the sound of the waves won’t let your guests hear what you say.


Save it! Walking down the aisle and dancing on the sand with any kind of shoes is uncomfortable. Look for nice Wedding sandals, flip flops or go bearfoot as most brides and grooms do. A basket for shoes can be placed for your guests as well, it’s a great to feel the sand under your feet!


These can be set up for the ceremony and then moved up to the restaurant for dinner. This is done during cocktail hour. A small fee may apply depending on the location.


There are no flowers grown in Quintana Roo, all the flowers are imported from other States or from other Countries. The most common flowers for weddings are orchids, bright colored lilies, roses, gerberas, stargazers, Alcatraces (Mexican Calla lilies), birds of paradise, sun flowers, tulips, etc. Please send pictures of your choices since the names of the flowers are not the same in Spanish. 
Think about your bouquet, bride’s maids bouquet’s, buttoneers, table arrangements, altar arrangements, petals for the aisle and flowers for the hairdo and cake. We suggest to choose a table flower arrangement that includes some sort of candles so you would have more lighting and it will also add a romantic touch to the night.

The natural colors in Tulum are ivory for the sand, bright greens in the vegetation and wood tones. Any colorful flower will contrast perfectly.


Go for a gorgeous and simple Updo, the main idea is to keep it in place as Weddings by the beach can be windy and you want to avoid your face been covered by flowing hair in your Wedding pictures and during the ceremony.


Again, the wind factor! If you have dreamed of wearing one just make sure it can be pinned to your hair after it’s lifted up.


Due to Government regulations, bon fires, sparklers nor fire works are permitted in Tulum.

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